About Us

Crave4Deals.com is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce marketplaces in America. Founded in 2016, we have quickly become the premier sales site for small and mid-sized, US-based product wholesalers who wish to expand their reach on a global scale. We are also known as the bargain website, we receive hundred of emails through our Discount Reminder which lets customers know when our prices drop.
With hundreds of product listings, we are the perfect place to both shop and source wholesale products—as well as unique gifts for all interests and occasions.

We provide global retailers and online shoppers with world-class e-commerce standards in product sourcing, tracking, delivery, payment processing and email updates. Some of our products look similar to the ones featured on the big e-commerce websites, but we set ourselves apart from our competitiors by testing our products upfront before adding them to our in store inventory. This allows us to sell better quality products than most of the big e-commerce websites.

We are proud to be a global connection, of quality wholesale retailers products—and look forward to serving you and your business to source new unique products and gifts!